Honestly, I’m borderline bored with life, I have a typical corporate life, 9 to 5 job, sitting in front of the computer where the most excitement I get is opening a new tab to research my next MAC lippy buy. So I decided to blog about one of favourite tangible items.

I decided to create this blog after spending hours, days and nights scrolling through blogs, google images, Instagram, etc looking for MAC shades that would suit my skin tone and makeup style.

I would see a shade/colour that I liked and go into the stores to try it on with utter excitement, only to be disappointed as the images did not reflect how it looked on me. This is due to filters added, different skin tones, lighting, etc so hopefully my images can help girls with similar skin tones to me or just enjoy reading my review on the lipstick.

For reference:
Skin tone – Medium to Tan | I’m most suited to warm toned (veins are green & purple so I can also wear cool tones)

Ethnicity – Vietnamese (South-east Asian) | shades on Caucasians/WOC look different on me

Lips: fairly pigmented

Image – wearing MAC RED, Satin finish


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