New mac lipstick review | Coral bliss| Peachstock | Shy girl – fruity juicy collection

Continuing from my previous blog, I’ve swatch the three new lipsticks on my wrist and fairly pigmented lips to provide insight on how the shade may look on medium to tan skin/south east Asian warm tone complexion.

I only wore a hydrating serum + lotion, so my face is really bare.

Peachstock – Nude, close to concealer shades. I did not use a lip liner so it’s looking pretty washed out. For peachstock, I would do a smokey eye and full coverage foundation
Mac Shygirl
Shy girl – Sheer pinky nude. I love pairing this with boldly bare lip liner – it intensifies the coral tint.
Mac coral bliss
Coral Bliss – Sheer coral pink
Peachstock (Satin) Shy girl (Cremesheen) Coral Bliss (Cremesheen)

For reference: I normally wear Natio’s BB cream in ‘TAN’ and this matches my neck.
I have dark brunette hair and dark brown hooded eyes.

New mac lipstick review | Coral bliss| Peachstock | Shy girl – fruity juicy collection

Mac make over | Mac Peachstock |Mac Shy girl Fruity Juicy| Mac Coral Bliss | New Mac Lippies!

I’ve been eyeing some nude MAC lipsticks and knew I was going to buy at least 3 which would have cost $108. At the time, I also had an event on in the next couple of weeks so thought, hey – why not get a make over, which is $95 AUD and redeemable by purchasing products. Win – Win.

I booked an appointment over the phone at my local MAC pro store and to my delight, they had an appointment at 4pm on the date of the event. Normally, you would have to booked at least 3 weeks in advance because they’re so busy so I was extremely lucky.

Day of make over: It took about an hour for the artist to complete my look. I had asked for medium to full coverage, a rosy lid, wing eye liner, bold brows and nude lips.

The artist used:

Base/face – essential oil + strobe cream for hydration, Prep + prime skin for the primer, Pro longwear spf 10 foundation, bronzing powder, pinch me blush, soft and gentle highlighter and pro longwear concealer

Eyes: fluid line for eyeliner, Great brows kit for brows, eyeshadow palette x 9 burgundy for shadow,

Lips: hip n happy lip liner + peachstock lipstick + angel lip glass

I opted to not get lashes as I had my go to lashes at home and I prefer to apply them.

I ended up changing from peachstock to shy girl (left: peachstock Right: Shy girl + false lashes)

IMG_2438Mac Shy girl

The products I ended up purchasing:

Eye shadow palette x 9 Burgundy, Mac peachstock, Mac Shy girl (Mac Fruit juicy collection) and Mac coral bliss


Mac make over | Mac Peachstock |Mac Shy girl Fruity Juicy| Mac Coral Bliss | New Mac Lippies!

My Current MAC Lipstick Collection

What I currently have:

  • Shy shine (Lustre) On Dianne – baby pink which needs to be  paired with boldy bare lip liner due to wheatish skin tone effect
  • Speed dial (Cremesheen) On Dianne – glossy pink | perfect for her complexion – barbie/true blue based pinks look garsly
  • Coral Bliss (Cremesheen) On Dianne – sheer pinky coral peach
  • Peachstock (Satin) On Dianne – opague skin colour, similar shade to a concealer
  • Shy girl (Cremesheen) On Dianne – sheer nude, coral beige
  • Syrup (Lustre) On Dianne – light plum, very sheer hints of purple
  • Taupe (Matte) On Dianne – mixture of nudge, dark beige and slight orange tones in certain lights
  • Brick o la (Amplified) On Dianne –  
  • Twig (Satin) On Dianne – MLBB, beautiful mauve that instantly picks up complexion with or without makeup
  • Craving (Amplified) On Dianne – plum and mauve merge into one, love this shade! On days where my skin looks awful or tired, craving brightens it up | also makes teeth look extra white |
  • Flat out Fabulous (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte fuchsia that’s an instant show stopper, can only be worn on nights out as it appears quite intense on my tan skin
  • Relentlessly red (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte bright coral pink, makes teeth appear yellow
  • Impassioned (Amplified) On Dianne – Hot pink – close to coral not there yet
  • Viva Glam III (Matte) On Dianne – dark plum, very sultry 
  • Rebel (Satin) On Dianne – mixture of pink and plum, fades to a fuchsia stain during wear
  • Heroine (Matte) On Dianne – Matte cool tone purple | makes teeth really white
  • Viva Glam IV (Frost) On Dianne – Berry glitter bomb 
  • All fired up (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte fuchsia with tints of red
  • Lady Danger (Matte) On Dianne – Bright red, tints of orange (red>orange)
  • D for Danger (Matte) On Dianne – Dark berry – matter version of rebel
  • Russian Red (Matte) On Dianne – True blue based red
  • Viva Glam 1 (Matte) On Dianne – dark red, one shade darker than Russian Red
  • Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte red, tints of pink
  • Diva (Matte) On Dianne – Dark, deep red, very sultry
  • Whirl (Matte) On Dianne – Dark brown nude (pencil is lighter – mlbb however lipstick comes across dark)



What I returned:

  • Angel (Frost) On Dianne – pale pink (not even baby or blue based pink) the shade just made me look too pale and I couldn’t only pull it off with dark smokey eyes (just)
  • MAC RED (Satin) On Dianne – Reminded me of a raspberry red (it had a pink tint on me) brighter and pinker than Russian Red 
  • Brave (Satin) On Dianne – pinky borderline mauve, did not brighten up complexion like Twig so it was returned 
  • Velvet Teddy (Matte) On Dianne – came across ill looking (gave the dead look due to wheatish skin)
  • Blankety (Amplified) On Dianne – DEAR LORD, I looked ill. Not even lip liner could save me
  • Love lorn (Lustre) On Dianne – the perfect cute baby pink shade that didn’t make my tan skin look like Nicki Minaj
  • Honeylove (Matte) On Dianne – Same comment as blankety
  • Media (Matte) On Dianne – Two shades darker than Diva, one shade lighter than Cyber – very intense
  • Cyber (Satin) On Dianne – Deep, dark purple – borderline gothic, I just couldn’t pull it off
  • Tabla (Amplified) On Dianne – Coffee brown (like a long black) I was after a chocolate brown and Tabla was a little too dark, too intense, too 90s TLC for me

What I want:

  • Kinda sexy
  • Please me
  • Cherish

I will continue to update the blog post as my collection grows/changes 🙂

My Current MAC Lipstick Collection