Face full of makeup ft. MAC Lady Danger

Lady danger on Dianne



lady danger

MAC describes Lady danger as ‘Vivid bright coral-red’ – on me with a face full of makeup it’s a bright red with a hint of orange. I think its due to my tan skin, the shade does not come off as vivid orange however on my fair skin Caucasian friend, the shade looks ORANGE – completely orange with a tint of red! (not referring to my friend on the right, I believe she is wearing MAC’s lip glass called cultured).

I applied Lady danger once, blotted with a tissue and reapplied. I was out for 6 hours, drinking, eating greasy foods and when I came home the shade was still on my lips with minimal fading. So i would rate the staying power 10/10.

What’s funny is, swatch on my hand LD looks coral (it shows up differently on my lips)

red swatches

left to right: Russian red (Matte), Viva glam 1 (Matte), Lady danger (Matte), Ruby woo (Retro matte) and D for Danger (Matte)

Face full of makeup ft. MAC Lady Danger