My Current MAC Lipstick Collection

What I currently have:

  • Shy shine (Lustre) On Dianne – baby pink which needs to be  paired with boldy bare lip liner due to wheatish skin tone effect
  • Speed dial (Cremesheen) On Dianne – glossy pink | perfect for her complexion – barbie/true blue based pinks look garsly
  • Coral Bliss (Cremesheen) On Dianne – sheer pinky coral peach
  • Peachstock (Satin) On Dianne – opague skin colour, similar shade to a concealer
  • Shy girl (Cremesheen) On Dianne – sheer nude, coral beige
  • Syrup (Lustre) On Dianne – light plum, very sheer hints of purple
  • Taupe (Matte) On Dianne – mixture of nudge, dark beige and slight orange tones in certain lights
  • Brick o la (Amplified) On Dianne –  
  • Twig (Satin) On Dianne – MLBB, beautiful mauve that instantly picks up complexion with or without makeup
  • Craving (Amplified) On Dianne – plum and mauve merge into one, love this shade! On days where my skin looks awful or tired, craving brightens it up | also makes teeth look extra white |
  • Flat out Fabulous (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte fuchsia that’s an instant show stopper, can only be worn on nights out as it appears quite intense on my tan skin
  • Relentlessly red (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte bright coral pink, makes teeth appear yellow
  • Impassioned (Amplified) On Dianne – Hot pink – close to coral not there yet
  • Viva Glam III (Matte) On Dianne – dark plum, very sultry 
  • Rebel (Satin) On Dianne – mixture of pink and plum, fades to a fuchsia stain during wear
  • Heroine (Matte) On Dianne – Matte cool tone purple | makes teeth really white
  • Viva Glam IV (Frost) On Dianne – Berry glitter bomb 
  • All fired up (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte fuchsia with tints of red
  • Lady Danger (Matte) On Dianne – Bright red, tints of orange (red>orange)
  • D for Danger (Matte) On Dianne – Dark berry – matter version of rebel
  • Russian Red (Matte) On Dianne – True blue based red
  • Viva Glam 1 (Matte) On Dianne – dark red, one shade darker than Russian Red
  • Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) On Dianne – Perfectly matte red, tints of pink
  • Diva (Matte) On Dianne – Dark, deep red, very sultry
  • Whirl (Matte) On Dianne – Dark brown nude (pencil is lighter – mlbb however lipstick comes across dark)



What I returned:

  • Angel (Frost) On Dianne – pale pink (not even baby or blue based pink) the shade just made me look too pale and I couldn’t only pull it off with dark smokey eyes (just)
  • MAC RED (Satin) On Dianne – Reminded me of a raspberry red (it had a pink tint on me) brighter and pinker than Russian Red 
  • Brave (Satin) On Dianne – pinky borderline mauve, did not brighten up complexion like Twig so it was returned 
  • Velvet Teddy (Matte) On Dianne – came across ill looking (gave the dead look due to wheatish skin)
  • Blankety (Amplified) On Dianne – DEAR LORD, I looked ill. Not even lip liner could save me
  • Love lorn (Lustre) On Dianne – the perfect cute baby pink shade that didn’t make my tan skin look like Nicki Minaj
  • Honeylove (Matte) On Dianne – Same comment as blankety
  • Media (Matte) On Dianne – Two shades darker than Diva, one shade lighter than Cyber – very intense
  • Cyber (Satin) On Dianne – Deep, dark purple – borderline gothic, I just couldn’t pull it off
  • Tabla (Amplified) On Dianne – Coffee brown (like a long black) I was after a chocolate brown and Tabla was a little too dark, too intense, too 90s TLC for me

What I want:

  • Kinda sexy
  • Please me
  • Cherish

I will continue to update the blog post as my collection grows/changes 🙂

My Current MAC Lipstick Collection